Demonstration Program

We are proud to offer our mobile demonstration unit to showcase our technology and verify our capabilities in your application. By piloting our equipment we eliminate the uncertainty of the design parameters to optimize performance. Different characteristics of TSS can have drastic effects on how solids are screened from a waste stream and at what rate the TSS will block the filter media.  Predicting filter performance can be difficult without a demonstration of the proposed waste stream and notably for specialized industrial applications were solids characteristics are governed by the customer’s specific process.  Removal rates for TSS and BOD will be determined by the actual size of particles in the waste stream at the time of filtration.  The rate at which TSS blocks the filter media will have a direct correlation to the volume capacities that the filter will be able to process.  Knowing the concentration of TSS is important to sizing equipment but often the type and size of solids can have just as much effect on the filtration characteristics.  Mitcherson recommends that all applications should have a pilot test performed to accurately predict our filtration process flow capacities and efficiencies so that we can best size the equipment for your application and needs.

Mitcherson is currently offering demonstration services to the lower 48 continental United States.  The demo includes mobilization cost to bring our mobile unit to your site, set-up of the mobile unit, on-site operation of our mobile unit 5 days per week at 8 hours per day.  Set-up includes Mitcherson supplying the pumping equipment.  All that is required is open access for a sump pump to be placed at a pick-up point or some other type of access to your waste stream.  Also included in our price are composite samples to be taken daily showing TSS removal before and after the filter.  Mitcherson’s demo unit has real-time monitoring and tracking capability that can trend the solids loading of your process.  All this information will be compiled and included in a report along with test data and will be provided to you after the demonstration.  The final report will assess recommended sizing for your application.

For customers who wish to have a demonstration performed prior to purchase of an EcoSieve, Mitcherson will waive the cost for the first week of the demo on the condition that at least one EcoSieve is purchased after the demonstration.  This means the demo cost is free if you purchase a Mitcherson EcoSieve.