The Mitcherson EcoSieve™ Models ES-270, ES-940, ES-1800 and ES-3400 are single belt machines. The ES-3600 is a duplex arrangement with 2 belt assemblies installed in one housing with one solids collection system. The EcoSieve™ can be provided on a pre-wired skid mounted platform which drastically reduce field installation cost. Our skid units can be mobile stand-alone units ready for deployment. Permanent installations can be set-up with automated solid collection systems taking significant labor out of managing solids produced in large scale operations. All EcoSieve™ units are provided with a basic control system. Mitcherson can customize the control system for remote control, real-time monitoring, upgrade human interface and additional controls for auxiliary systems. Many options are available to make an EcoSieve™ installation the perfect fit for your application. Contact Mitcherson today to find out how we can help you.

The Mitcherson EcoSieve™

The Mitcherson EcoSieve™ The EcoSieve™ is a high efficiency, high flow liquid solid separator that provides large scale filtration in an economical compact modular package. The EcoSieve™ is a mechanical device that screens suspended solids from incoming liquids. Captured solids are collected and dewatered and exiting liquids are filtered. The EcoSieve™ has extensive applications for industrial and Municipal operations. The EcoSieve™ is the perfect solution for plants that need to remove suspended solids from either a process stream or a waste stream. Whether you are looking to increase capacity of existing systems or looking to upgrade existing systems to meet the rising demands of new discharge requirements the EcoSieve™ is the perfect solution at an affordable price The Mitcherson EcoSieve™ provides improved treatment efficiency, smaller footprint, lower initial cost and operating costs compared to other treatment processes.